The LEOA Academic Male Voice Choir was founded in April 1997 and from only seven members it now boasts Twenty Four members. All the members
are from Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa and have a background in choral singing.

The name LEOA comes from Serra Lyoa (meaning Lion Mountains) the name given to Sierra Leone by the Portuguese sailor Pedro Da Sintra who discovered it.

Sierra Leone lies on the west coast of Africa and was the first settlement for freed slaves thus it’s capital earning the name Freetown.(See our “About Sierra Leone” page)

The choir’s repertoire is quite varied. Performances have featured masterpieces from some of the worlds top composers such as Handel, Mendelssohn, Mozart and Haydn, as well as original compositions including chants in krio (the local language in Freetown, Sierra Leone) and gospel songs.

The group currently hosts two concerts each year, a Christmas performance and a performance in May. Concerts are usually held in South East London.